Some of us attended Love Singapore’s yearly Day of His Power at the indoor stadium on the 8th of August. One of the segments contained these stirring words of Thanksgiving :


“Together we acknowledge God our Father’s guiding hand of love on Singapore.


Once upon a time, we were a daunting mess.  We had no natural resources.  We were racially divided.  Morale was low.  Unemployment was high. Labor strikes were rife.  Politics were shaky.  Neighbors were hostile.  We were a fragile nation with little chance of success.


God saw our plight.  God heard our cries.  God gave us a Founding Father and a Pioneer Team who dreamed of a better future, who laid strong foundations for the common good, creating equal opportunity for all – regardless of race, language or religion.


Because of God our Father’s extravagant grace and mercy, Singapore is renown today as a miracle nation – one of the world’s greatest success stories. Together, we remember and give thanks.”


National Day is a wonderful time for us to stop and reflect on just what it means for us, not just to be in Singapore, but to be Singapore. It is so easy to get used to living in the miracle that is Singapore and not ask if perhaps we are indeed blessed for a greater reason. May our thanksgiving be a good first step to turning our attention away from our entitlements and achievements, to seeking the heart of God for what is required of us as faithful disciples of Jesus.


Ps Ian Wong