Godly Living: Evidences of a Spiritually Mature Disciple (Colossians 2)

Continuing with the series on Godly Living and the True Disciple, let us now visit Chapter 2 of Colossians. Building on some lessons I picked up from the Intentional Disciple-making Church (IDMC) Conference held in early September of this year, four things reveal a disciple who is spiritual mature:


  1. Walk- “continue to live in Him…” (v6). One evidence of a spiritually mature disciple is his or her daily walk in His Lord Jesus Christ. It is not uncommon to find Christians stopping to grow in the Lord after some time. For instance, one may be a ten-year old Christian, but could very well be a one-year old Christian repeating his act for nine years. Such a disciple stops walking or growing in the Lord after one year. Where are you in your spiritual walk? Check that we are moving forward and not merely moving in circles.


  1. Foundation- “rooted… in Him…” (v7). A spiritually mature Christian is strong in his or her foundation which stems from having an ongoing, intimate relationship with Jesus. The disciple who is rooted in Jesus will love Jesus, worship Him, serve Him and serve others. In my time I have encountered Christians who throw tantrums, speak carelessly, and/or act foolishly. That is not loving Jesus or worshipping Him. Be careful also that you do not go through the motions of Christian practices, forms and rituals, or preach one thing but do something else. Do you have a real relationship with Jesus Christ?


  1. Gratitude- “…overflowing with thankfulness” (v7). A spiritually mature disciple is always, not mostly or seldom or never, thankful for everything. It is easy for us to be grateful to God when things go our way, but can we be thankful to God for the physical or emotional suffering we go through? The apostle Paul knew about suffering very well. How about us?


  1. Spiritual Stability- “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy…” (v8). A spiritually mature disciple knows God’s truth well and expresses it efficaciously both in Word and in deed. He is not only able to defend the faith but is able to identify and refute false teachings and philosophies. How about us?

Take time to think over what you have just read. What is an area or two that you commit to growing right now? What are action steps you need to take to help you grow spiritually? God bless you.


Ps Simon Say