Heard why God killed a King using worms?  Yes worms!


Here goes the story and I will tell you the answer at the end.


Seeing that it pleased the Jews to have James executed by the sword, King Herod had Peter arrested with the same intentions. But whilst in jail, an angel of the Lord came to Peter, shone light into the cell, thumped him on the side, removed the chains on his wrists, told him to put on his clothes, unlocked the gates and led him back into the city. It was the miraculous unparalleled!


Why was Herod able to execute James but not Peter? One very critical reason, I believe, was that the Church was praying for Peter. It was recorded that there was on-going prayer in the church when Peter was kept in prison (Acts 12:5). After his miraculous escape, Peter went to the church which was gathered at Mary’s house, and found the church still praying (Acts 12:12).


Evil came against James & some of the church members in the form of persecution from Herod. But the onslaught was stopped in its tracks resulting in Peter’s release, the gospel ministry spreading, and the executors of evil themselves executed. By the Lord’s own hand, the mastermind King Herod was struck down by an angel, eaten by worms, and then died  (v19, 23)


Prayer is the work! It is not a supplement, not a support, nor just a sideshow. It is what gets things done. It is where the power is. In this episode, prayer stopped evil, pushed it back, and God unleashed his divine retribution on those who acted against his people and the gospel.


Step up in protracted prayer!


Ps Quek Boon Chiau