The price of the kingdom.

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.


There are three things we have to do to fully inherit the kingdom. First, find it. Second, sell everything else, and third, to buy it.


We are all looking for treasures. If only the world knew where the one real treasure is. Albeit hidden, the treasure is in the field. It is there, sitting there awaiting our discovery. We have been privileged, just like this man, to be able to locate it. Look for Jesus. If you have discovered Jesus, you would have found it!


But to truly gain this treasure, there is one condition. It is to give up ownership of everything else. But this is the thing about our possessions. In all of the many things we have, we gain by having authority over them. We use our authority over things to benefit from them. This is the burden of ownership. We use things for our gain.


To receive the ultimate treasure, like the man, we are to sell them all. No more do we need to keep and gain from these. No more do we need this security. Paradoxically, the security is found by giving them up to gain this treasure. It is upside down logic to seek first Jesus’ kingdom and have all things added to you.


This is where the challenge is!


We may locate the treasure, rebury it, but not gain it, because we do not sell everything else, and come back to buy that field. The price of this treasure is to give everything we have over to Jesus. This is the exchange we have to make. Everything we have for this single treasure. The man in his joy sold all he had. This must be divine joy. If you lack it, ask the Lord for this joy in faith to make that divine exchange.


Have you found the kingdom in Jesus? If you have, will you give up everything else to buy it? The promise of the Lord’s word is eternal. You can safely exchange everything to inherit His kingdom. He will not shortchange you!


Ps Quek Boon Chiau