Kum Yan Church’s Mission Statement: Kum Yan is a family church united to glorify God by reaching its surrounding communities with the gospel and by nurturing and equipping believers for ministry in the church and world missions.


Do you delight in receiving the Heavenly Father’s blessings?  From the moment you joined Kum Yan, you have become a family member and will begin to enjoy the family’s “properties”.  Whatever blessings the Heavenly Father has bestowed upon Kum Yan, you can receive and own them too.  An analogy would be that of a woman marrying a man and becoming part of his larger family, she will get to benefit from his family’s properties.


This year, Kum Yan celebrates her 100th Anniversary, which is also the Year of Jubilee (in which each individual will return to his own property as bestowed by God).  It is a special occasion.  God wants us to return to our original mission and anointing.  Kum Yan has the family anointing, and we are a temple of prayer and worship.  Coincidentally, this year is also the “Year of Prayer” for the Singapore churches.  When Kum Yan responds to God’s call to the churches to pray, we are in fact returning to the mission and purpose which He has ordained for us.


Dear brothers and sisters, let’s give thanks for the grace and blessings we have received through Kum Yan.  Let’s actively participate in the different KY100 celebration events lined up throughout the year, to glorify God and to respond to the mission which He has entrusted us.



Ps Law Poh Ing