How Will You Spend Christmas This Year?

This year, there are five Sundays in the month of December, which means that we and the church would have more time to prepare for Christmas. How will you spend Christmas this year? Going on a holiday trip, organizing celebration parties, meeting old friends for a catch up, giving gifts, shopping and buying things, participating in social concern activities, sharing love with the marginalized people, taking part in Christmas caroling, organizing outreach gatherings, etc. etc.


Dear brothers and sisters, as the festive mood of Christmas saturates shopping malls and churches, I would like to encourage you to think for a moment, how would you have a meaningful Christmas this year?


Christmas is an opportunity for us to share Jesus Christ’s birth and love with others.


Christmas is an opportunity for the church to invite and welcome our pre-believing friends to come seek Jesus Christ.


Christmas is an opportunity for Christian families to open up our homes to our friends for a time of celebration and heart-to-heart sharing.


Christmas is an opportunity for the marketplace folks to share with our colleagues that Jesus is our hope and He is the most precious gift.


Our church will be organizing numerous programmes during this Christmas season, do take note of the programme timings and invite your loved ones and friends to join.


May 2019 the “Year of Proclamation” reap a bountiful harvest from our Christmas outreach programmes.


Let me say it again, please take a moment to think, how would you spend Christmas this year?


Ps Law Poh Ing