Bless those who are against you!


The recent dispute over territorial waters is taking precedent in the news between Singapore and Malaysia. There has always been an inseparable intertwine of culture, people, trade, tourism and more, from which much good has come from the cooperation between these twin countries. But that there will always be differences between these two countries has also been recognized and articulated.


Whenever differences arise, they require wisdom, patience, and restraint in their handling. It is therefore necessary for both countries to find common ground to work on, find win-win solutions, and bring to fruition these areas of mutual benefits.


Let us as the children of God, the creator of heaven and earth and both Malaysia and Singapore, call upon him for the solution and resolution to the dispute at hand. Beginning with us, let us be the mender instead of the breaker, the builder instead of the demolisher.


In our prayers, let us do the following…


Speak blessings over the other nation and her leaders. May our words and petition before the Lord be of things of goodness for Malaysia; her welfare, peace, justice, God’s blessing etc


By the authority given us, we bind the work of our common enemy, the devil himself, the destroyer of our destinies. We break his agenda and power of destruction over the two nations.


Finally, we arm ourselves with the pieces of spiritual armour, and thereafter to intercede and stand against every form of evil even in the heavenly realms.


For we all believe that both these nations have God-given destinies to fulfill. And let not these quarrels destroy one another’s purposes in Christ.


As we bless, may the authority, power, and peace of God, reign here in both these lands!


Ps Quek Boon Chiau