At Momentum 2018 on 1st May, the speaker Dr Suzanne Hattingh challenged and inspired us to build our personal prayer altars by sharing her own experience over the years. Here are some of her pointers that would be impactful for us and cause us to re-examine the condition of our prayer lives.


  • “Though prayer wasn’t my first passion, I made it my first discipline. Now it’s my first passion and discipline – a lifestyle.”
  • “The issue is not how we pray. The issue is that we pray. Prayer is not about how long we pray. It’s not about an hour or a half hour. It’s about making time to meet my beloved – to love God.”
  • “My personal altar is where I meet with the Lord. It’s not a place – it’s where you commune with God. Whatever form it takes – it’s between you and God.”
  • “The personal altar for me is the place where I must touch God before I can touch the people. Jesus gave us the pattern. He fellowshipped with the Father – loved the Father – then He loved those around Him.”
  • “I love the Lord so that I can love people who I love. My personal time with God is not just to intercede or ask for things – my first and utmost responsibility is to love God.”
  • “We need to understand, at that personal place with Jesus alone, we become the voice and channel – the very vehicle of what God has shown to us – so that God can use our everything to start speaking into the emptiness of Singapore!
  • “Your task at the personal altar, is to be able to speak on behalf of God, because Christ is in you (Colossians 1:17).”

(pointers from article by Gabriel Ong in


We cannot give what we don’t have. When we have loved Jesus, worshipped Him, fellowshipped with Him in that sacred place, then we can receive from our Lord and give to others what they need.



Ps Lam Siong Yeng