Youth Connection

Transforming Generations, Changing the world.

Youth Connection is a vibrant community of youth and young adults in Kum Yan Methodist Church.

We exist to worship God, to be transformed by the Word of God and the Working of the Holy Spirit, that we may transform the World. We also exist to raise up generations of Godly men and women who live to see the Kingdom of God come on earth as it is in Heaven.

Our celebration service is on Sundays at 1.30PM @ Level 6, The Living Room.


We are organised into 3 smaller communities according to our seasons in life.

  • We are a ministry for young people in their secondary school years. We want to help them navigate through this period of great change by giving them:
    – a place where they may develop intimate relationship with God.
    – a place where they can learn who they are in God and how to worship Him with their lives;
    – a place where they may learn His Word and gain practical handles about life and living.
    – a community of friends and caring leaders where they feel safe and accepted.
    – a place where they may grow and thrive.

    We meet every Sunday at 10.30AM at Level 7, The Upper Room.

    JYC 1
    JYC 2
    JYC 3
  • We are a ministry for young people who are set apart for radical obedience in our lifestyle to God. We want to give young people:

    – a place to learn God’s Word and godly principles for life and decision making,

    – a place to dig deeper in their spiritual life and develop strong foundations

    – a place to express and discover their God given gifts and dreams,

    – a place to find out what God has called us to do with our time on earth and to respond to Him in obedience.

    We meet every Friday at 7.30pm for cell groups. And have dedicated Teens services every 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month at 1.30pm at Level 7, The Upper Room.

  • We are a ministry of youth and young adults helping one another navigate through the years of transition from school to work and beyond.

    We are a people who strive to be deeply authentic in our relationships and unapologetically genuine in our pursuit for God’s highest and best – in society, in the world, in our spheres of influence and in our lives.

    We are not afraid of confronting reality and have no appetite for fluff. We are also passionate about being ridiculously happy, keeping our hearts free from offense, cynicism and jadedness. We want to get to the substance that really matters, things that we can build our lives on and answers that will stand the test of life’s many facets and encounters.

    We are also the guardians and champions of each others’ dreams and passions so that they will not be stolen by the difficulties, trials and realities of life.

    We meet every Thursday or Friday at 8pm in our cell groups for a time of Bible study, fellowship and sharing.