Building an inter-generational, bilingual Christian community in the heart of Woodlands.


Family Service

10 am – 12 noon

“My Manna” Service

10 am – 12 noon
(every last Sunday of the month)

Admin Office and Worship Venue
Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close, #03-37, S(737853)
Tel: 6366 3727


Walking with Jesus, being His disciple;
Exercising spiritual gifts, expanding His kingdom;
Loving the disadvantaged, serving the community;
Worshiping and interceding, declaring His name.

ABOUT KYMC (Woodlands)

Kum Yan Methodist Church (Woodlands) was set up in 1997. It was then called the Woodlands Mission Point and later on the Woodlands Care Point.

It was after a few years of praying by the pastoral and leadership team, a pioneer group consisting 15 members was commissioned in 1996 to go north – Woodlands. Our vision is to reach out to the community there. The first bilingual (Cantonese/English) service was held on March 23 1997 near the old check point.

Believers and pre-believers started joining the church when we began to reach out to the people there. We hold many different activities apart from the Sunday service: community blessing outreach, evangelistic program, children’s program, youth group, social and befriending activity, English class, Alpha course, Sunday school, cell group, Bible study group, 1 on 1 discipleship etc.

We believe in building an inter-generational Christian community. We hope to integrate the Chinese speaking and the English speaking groups through our weekly Family Service and joined outreach ministry. We desire to see the mature mentoring the new, the young growing to lead and mentor the younger.


    Cell Group

    • Building intimate relationship with God through worship and prayers
    • Building strong foundation in faith through Bible study
    • Building the body of Christ through sharing, fellowship and ministering to one another
    • Building network with pre-believing families and friends through outreach activities and visitation

    One on One Discipleship

    • We encourage the believers to grow and learn to disciple the spiritually younger ones. We meet on a regular basis either 1 on 1 or 2 to do OIA (observation, interpretation, application) as well as to share and pray in a deeper and personal level.

    Precept Class

    • We hold Precept Bible study class based on the different topics on a regular basis
    Adult 1

    It is suitable for those who are 12 (or secondary one) and above.

    Our youth group was formed in 2004 when the children of our first generation Christian adults began to grow up. Most of them joined the Church since primary school. Their needs began to change when they became teenagers.

    We hold fun activities such as BBQ, movie night, birthday party as well as life group, Bible study and mission trip. The young people are very good in bringing their friends and helping them find Jesus.

    The youth and young adults are encouraged to join the Sunday Family Bilingual Service. It is our desire to see the old and young generations worshipping, fellowshipping and serving together.

    Adult 1

    Keep posted on this section! Exciting updates are coming!


    Grace Ministry

    Grace Ministry

    We serve the elderly (mostly living alone), destitute, single-parent family, lower income group through a weekly gathering at the void deck on Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. The residents would eagerly wait for the team to arrive.

    There are fun game and exercise, singing and sharing as well as simple lunch. The residents always enjoy the food we prepare for them especially the home cooked ones.

    During festive season, we organise special eating outing for them. We are so privileged to have the luncheons sponsored by restaurants or individuals at times.

    We visit the residents on a regular basis for a chat or at times a haircut or some household chores as well as when they are hospitalised.

    Many have since accepted Jesus and were baptized. They are being followed up through simple 1 on 1 Bible study. We have also ushered a few senior ones back to the Lord in the past few years.

    Adult 1

    MY Manna

    MY Manna

    It is an outreach program through which we give out rations to the families in need. It is a joint partnership with the Metro YMCA and Care Corner FSC (Marsiling and Admiralty). YMCA provides all the rations (about 30 over items to choose from) while the FSCs do all the referrals and assessment. We provide manpower to organise the collection and delivery of rations. We also follow up on the beneficiaries if they are opened to visitation.

    It is held on the last Sunday of the month after our MY Manna Service. The able-bodied beneficiaries will come to our warehouse to choose and collect the rations. For the less abled ones, our teams will deliver the rations to them.

    Adult 1

    MENU 3:16

    MENU 3:16

    Our inter-generational teams visit the families in need with special home-cooked food set. We ourselves find joy as we cook, pack and serve together.

    Adult 1



    We run basic conversation English class for those who wish to learn basic conversational skills. We also organise fun activities such as Gardens by the Bay tour, luncheon, JB tour etc.