The ALPHA Course (English)

Wednesday, 7 pm – 9.30 pm (weekly)

From Aug 15 to Oct 3

Program begins with dinner at 7 pm.

Dates:       Topics:

15/8           Who is Jesus?

21/8 Tue   Why did Jesus die?

29/8           How can I have faith?

5/9             Why and how do I pray?

12/9           Why and how should I read the Bible?

19/9           How does God guide us?

22/9 Sat    Who is the Holy Spirit?

Weekend   What does the Holy Spirit do?

Retreat       How can I be filled with the Spirit?

26/9           Does God heal today?

3/10           How can I resist evil?

* Please invite friends to come for the Course!

* New believers in KY are also welcome to attend this Course

It is FOC but registration is required – KYers may sign up TODAY at the counter in the carpark.



KYMC Alpha E-Invitation 2018

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