Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap



Singapore is entering a new season of fulfillment as Antioch of Asia. Singapore has risen up as a secular model city-state. Pray that Singapore will:

  • Enter into her fulfillment by rising up to the fullness of her calling as the Spiritual Antioch of Asia.
  • Continue to grow to be a centre of Christian learning and ministry through conferences, equipping schools, courses catering to people from all over Asia and beyond.
  • Be an even larger sender and supporter of both short and long term missionaries.
  • Channel greater resources of money and time for kingdom gospel work overseas.



Kum Yan needs to align herself with our nation’s Antioch Calling. To Awake, Arise, Advance! Pray:

  • For a shift now from we being built up in our church to reaching out to our community. How we can bless others beyond our walls.
  • Our daily living an outflow of God’s love and service to those in our workplace, extended family, our schools, army camps etc
  • Looking out for opportunities/needs to serve others along the way daily, being the salt and light to those we are placed together with.



The world is adrift, into greater immorality and decay. Values are being eroded and compromised. Sexual immorality, addiction, greed, self-gratification are some obvious trends. Pray:

  • For a stem in the slide in sexual norms and permissiveness; Singapore to stand as a Spiritual Antioch, radiating righteousness and love, providing answers and light for those lost in LGBT lifestyles, addicted to drugs, pornography, alcohol etc.
  • Christians to live out the values of the fruit of the Spirit in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control, as a counter culture to the world.
  • Safety and security against terrorism and extremism, keeping in mind those hurt by terrorist acts and praying against hidden evil plans being devised to bring harm.