Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap


The Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) will be holding their 43rd Session at Kum Yan Church this week.  Pray that:

  1. It will be a time of meetings as well as a time of fellowship for all the participants; there will be greater unity amongst the leaders of the various churches.


  1. The Conference President, Rev. Dr. Gregory Goh Nai Lat will be full of strength and wisdom in leading the conference.


  1. The conference will proceed smoothly, the resolutions will be followed through, and the gospel message will be advanced.


Kum Yan Church

Pray for the leaders and pastoral team:

  1. A smooth transition for the LCEC with the change to an appointment system.


  1. To prayerfully seek God’s wisdom in identifying potential leaders and equipping them, so that the church will be blessed.


  1. Kum Yan Church’s 100th Anniversary celebrations will be soon over, we will need to equip the church for the next hundred years, and fulfill what God has entrusted to us.