Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap



  1. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump are preparing for a second meeting. Pray that it will be a successful meeting which will establish peace on the Korean peninsula.
  2. The China-US trade war will end soon, otherwise there could be a risk of global recession.
  3. Continue to pray for the civil war situation in Syria.
  4. The Church of China – the Church is facing stricter controls by the China government, and many house churches have been affected. However, unprecedentedly, thanks be to God, 279 house church leaders wrote a joint letter using their actual names to the government and declared their faith openly.



  1. The Singapore government’s stand is towards keeping Section 377A which criminalizes homosexuality, and as a result, they are facing increasing pressure. Ask God to grant them greater wisdom and courage to handle the matter.



  1. The Church in Singapore is against homosexuality, let’s ask God to grant us wisdom in partnering with the Government to face the challenge together, rather than just pressurizing them to take action.
  2. On the homosexuality issue, besides taking a firm opposition stand, we should also pay attention to how dysfunctional families is a cause to the homosexuality problem in our society. Let’s pray:
  3. a) The Church will devote more resources to help the homosexuals or persons with such a tendency to resume a normal lifestyle.
  4. b) To consider ways in helping Christians build a more cohesive and loving family.


Kum Yan Church

1. The month of September is our Missions Month, let’s continue to pray for our missionaries and their ministries.