Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap


For Singapore

Singaporeans are fearful about weak economy, tough times which lead to tough job market and retrenchment. Economists predict that such a time will “stretch on” aggravated by the current uncertain global market; increasing protectionism and intense competition. They see these problems as “giants”  like the Israelites saw in the land of Canaan (Num 13:32-33).


Rise up in prayer and boldly lay hold of God’s covenant blessings today.

– Stop gazing at giants. In faith and prayer, magnify God above the ‘giants’ which come in all shapes and sizes. Focus on the greatness of God and the promises of God to ALL who put their trust in Him.

– Stop seeing ourselves and our problems with grasshoppers’ eyes. Acknowledge that success depends not on our own expertise and resources but on God Almighty.

– Pray for a spirit like that of Caleb (Num 13:30) – stop complaining, Start proclaiming. Turn from worrier to warrior;  from grasshopper to giant killer.


For Kum Yan

Remember KY leaders in prayer. Verbally call out their names. Thank God for their faithful and positive examples.


Prophesy over them. That God will breathe on them new Kingdom vision; fresh ideas to enlarge the Kingdom through KY; and grant them even greater faith to lead KY to fulfill God’s purpose and destiny for KY.


Prophesy over KY people. The God would breathe upon the people to rise up as did the dry bones. That ALL will come to life and stand up on their feet as a vast army of the Living God (Eze 37:10) ready to do His will.


For the World

Hurricane Harvey and Irma may have eased off. But the devastation they have caused to Houston & Florida and the nearby Caribbean islands has been one of unprecedented catastrophic proportion. Pray with the Christians there:

– For those who have been devastated by this natural disaster having lost their homes, livelihood, security and hope.

– Bless those who have survived. Heal their memories of the trauma; give them courage to face the long road of rebuilding their lives and homes.

– Bless the work of relief agencies and those giving them emergency assistance.

– Bless them with more generous donations to help bring relief to the victims.