Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap

Kum Yan Church

  1. Pray as the church is undergoing a transition period – changing of leaders and changing of leadership system.


  1. Pray as the church is moving towards the direction of a “Disciple-making Church”:
  • Ask God to give clear guidance to the pastoral team.
  • Brothers and sisters are willing to be Christ’s disciples.
  • We will have a persevering heart.


  1. Children’s Outreach Camp

This is an annual camp organized by the Children’s Church.  Many children had benefited from and accepted the Lord in the past camps.  Please pray:

  • More pre-believing children will register for this year’s camp.
  • Preparation of the camp organizers, and planning of the camp activities.


Gospel Rally in Dialects

This is an extension from the national gospel rally, “Celebration of Hope”.  It will be held on 16 November 2019, at five different churches simultaneously, with five different dialects (Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, Hainanese and Hakka).  The Cantonese rally will be held at Kum Yan Church.   Please pray:

  1. For the gospel message to be shared by the rally speaker and the testimonies to be shared by the various artistes.
  2. Brothers and sisters will be actively inviting their friends.
  3. More pre-believing persons will attend the rally.


Unrest in Hong Kong

  1. The current unrest situation will soon subside.
  2. The crack lines amongst friends, families and churches due to different political views as well as the divide between the different social groups (e.g. police and citizens) will be mended.
  3. Pastors will have the wisdom to bring comfort to their flock.
  4. The Hong Kong Church will be the salt and light.