Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap


The world is braced for an expected bombing by USA and its allies against Syria a country backed by Russia. We also read about possible Trade War between China and USA. All these disputes could trigger a  full blown conflict, that brings about world wide chaos. In turn, will affect our peace and economic well being.


The sense of economic vulnerability in the midst of a thriving economy remains very much with Singaporeans, even with Christians today.

  • Pray for God to help rival parties to have wisdom to resolve their differences amicably; and not allow existing disputes from escalating into open conflicts.
  • Help Christians to repent from our fears: Fear of economic failure, fear of being marginalized, fear of losing out. Fear of lack, fear of the future – for fear does not come from God. Ask God to strengthen our faith in Him.
  • Entrust our economic future and Singapore’s overall well being into the hands of the Sovereign Lord, our Maker and our Defender.