Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap

  1. Thank the Lord for His work at the COH outreach rallies held on Friday and Saturday. Pray especially for those who received Jesus as Lord and saviour to be discipled well, grow into maturity, and become mighty servants of the Lord.


  1. Press in with our prayers still. Use the 24/7 Harvest Watch to pray for:
  • A great AWAKENING of the land
  • A great HOMECOMING of the lost
  • A great BRIGHTENING of the nation (as the Light of Christ shines upon the land)


  1. Turning Up: Many who confirmed tickets have invited friends on Sunday. Pray against hindrances and obstacles which could block those who have agreed to come. That they will come, hear, and receive Jesus!


  1. Our personal participation and experiencing the joy of reaching out. Although the rallies end today, pray that the Lord will move each one of us here in Kum Yan to make preaching the good news a joy and a regular part of our lives.