Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap



Pray for close international collaborations, and wisdom upon governments to deal with and prevent terrorist activities in their countries, especially those that are under attack and being ravaged.

1) Middle East – Iraq and Syria

2) ‘Lone Wolf Terrorism’ in Europe

3) ISIS-affiliated militant groups’ attacks in Philippines




1) In the dispute over the Oxley Road home of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, let us thank God that PM Lee and his siblings have agreed to resolve differences in private. Pray

a) the dispute will be fully settled

b) the siblings’ relationship will be restored


2) Singapore’s National Day is just around the corner, and an atmosphere of celebration is building up all around. Pray

a) unity and harmony amongst the people, as well as synergy amongst the institutions of our beloved nation

b) the Government to be proficient and sensitive to what is going on in and around the country, to be vigilant and proactive to protect Singapore and further her interests – to be God’s shining light to the nations.


3) Revival to come upon the Church in Singapore.



1) Pray for the KY100 Committee (Chairman: Bro Keith Leong) and subcommittees. Ask for God’s guidance and favour as they plan and prepare various aspects of celebration and thanksgiving.


2) Pray for God’s provision as we continue to give faithfully and cheerfully to the KY Renovation Fund. Renovation projects have started, with the first phase to replace the air-conditioning system underway. Pray for the works to be carried out smoothly, safely and be completed successfully and promptly.