Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap

Preparations are underway to celebrate Singapore’s Birthday. Everywhere we see colourful flags of red and white. On TV we watch the MV of We are Singapore being played countless times. As we celebrate National Day, we also celebrate –


  1. God’s goodness and blessings on this Little Red Dot. This term was supposed to be a ridicule for our tiny size. But it has become a brand name for our world class health care, education, wealth and government. We thank God for that!


  1. The freedom to worship without fear or interference. Even the openness to reach out to others with the Gospel.


  1. Our commitment to be a blessing to the nations around us. Our missionaries are scattered all over to do the work of missions.


We also implore the Lord to –


  1. Grant us humility and a greater dependency on Him and not our own abilities.


  1. Cause our heart to be sensitive to those around us who may be in need of encouragement, physical help or healing. And give us the boldness to act in faith to reach out to them.


  1. Help us to have patience and perseverance in all our outreach efforts. Pray that God will use Alpha-16 to touch those who are still searching.