Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap



Pray for God’s grace and mercy to continue advancing the denuclearisation effort by the US, Korea and the world leaders. May all hindrances be removed and North Korea denuclearisation process be smooth and swift.



Give thanks for the favour which God has bestowed on Singapore. Pray for our national leaders. Ask God to bless them with good health, and that they will govern the nation with godly wisdom, compassion and righteousness. Ask God to keep Singapore from the evil one, and to set herself apart from the decaying moral values of the world. Pray that we will be a nation that reveres God and obeys His word.



Pray that God will continue to lead Kum Yan in our path of ministry. May the Holy Spirit give us clear vision, so that whether it’s the church ministry development or the church organization and management, we will understand His heartbeat. And as we see His leading, we will continue to be the light and salt in this City and bring Him delight.