Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap


1. Hong Kong: Pray for…

a. God’s justice and mercy over the political situation;

b. peaceful resolution to the problems;

c. the Church to be the salt and light.


2. As we enter into the time of advent…

a. that the nations may know and receive the greatest gift of all, our Lord Jesus Christ;

b. The world may find peace through the Prince of Peace.



  1. Poor and Needy: In this season, let us remember the poor, the homeless, the broken, those suffering from terminal illness, those who lost their jobs etc. Pray that God, in His mercy and grace, will reveal Himself to them through the deeds of compassionate government officials, social workers and volunteers and especially God’s people.
  2. Government: Pray for the wellbeing of the leaders of the Government, from the ministers to top civil servants. Ask God to pour out His grace over the leaders, to impart His wisdom, understanding and compassion as they serve the nation.



That the Church will earnestly respond to God’s mandate to reach out to the lost, especially taking advantage of the Christmas season to share the gospel message, through individuals,  national rallies and other church activities.



  1. Pray as the church is working towards a disciple-making church, that:
  • the transition will be smooth;
  • all Kum Yanites, from leaders to members, are willing to be discipled through a loving relationship and take courage to assume their roles and responsibilities.
  1. Children’s Outreach Camp: To be held from Nov 27-29…
  • that the 90-odd participants and their families will be touched by the Holy Spirit-inspired Word of God;
  • unity of the whole team and smooth preparation.