Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap



  1. Various national exams. Please go to for more details:
  • ‘O’-level exams from October 5 to November 17 2017.
  • GCE ‘N’ and ‘T’ exams, ongoing till October 13 2017.
  • ‘A’ level exams from October 4 to December 5 2017.
  • Primary-, Secondary-, pre-University school final exams.


Pray for the children to trust in God and for the strength to fulfil their responsibilities as they complete each significant phase of their life as students. Pray for the parents to have the wisdom to walk with their children and be a good source of support for them. Pray for the parents and children to encounter God and know Him as they journey through life.


  1. To continue to look to the Lord and trust Him over the economic, political and security threats. Remember Job 42:2. Yet, besides looking up to God and trusting Him for our well-being, the church is to rise up and fulfil the Lord’s Great Commission. Repent; stop being a consumer-oriented community to being a God-oriented, purpose-driven community. Be the salt of the earth and light of the world that Jesus says we are (Matthew 5:13-16).



  1. In these last days, pray for God to reveal Himself to prevail in the midst of the turmoil and catastrophes you read about almost on a daily basis, e.g. the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, inclement weather, unnecessary killings, political instability, ethnic strife and so on. Pray for His peace and comfort to come upon the afflicted.


  1. Pray for God’s provision and protection as the churches and Christian organisations respond swiftly to the areas in need, from disaster areas to the often-forgotten poor and marginalised people, even the lost. Pray for God to raise up churches to meet the needs of the general populace (Luke 10:2).