Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap


  • RISE UP to the call to pray in this year 2018, our Year of Prayer. More will commit to pray through the 40-Day Fast & Pray, Morning Prayer, Solemn Assemblies, and Day of His Power. May the availing of ourselves for intercession lift us to another level of faith for what the Lord wants to do in and through us.


  • REACH OUT in the Marketplace with love and care amongst those the Lord has placed us in our circles of influence. That there will be a stirring of God within us to want to be Jesus’ hands and feet touching lives around us. Bring these whom we know to our next Alpha run, ALPHA 15!


  • 40 DAY FAST & PRAYER. July 1st sees the launch of our yearly 40-Day prayer in the run up to our National Day. PRAY that more believers in Singapore will respond to the call for prayer. Singaporeans will stand together as one before the Lord. That there will be greater encounters with the Holy Spirit at our prayer gatherings. People to come away with faith and answered prayers.


  • YOUNG ONSET DEMENTIA. Total 40,000 people with dementia set to double by 2030. A shocking Fivefold increase seen – over five years – in patients with young-onset dementia, 65 & below. More severe symptoms, have shorter survival, more rapid cognitive deterioration, greater frequency of language disturbance, and more severe behavioural changes. PRAY against this disturbing trend that is coming against our younger generation of Singaporeans. Ask for a reversal of this trend. Pray for a generation healthy and fit to serve this nation.


  • RELATIONSHIP WITH MALAYSIA. Ask the Lord for the right posture, wisdom, and engagement with the new government in Malaysia. That Singapore will be relevant to Malaysia’s well-being, and be found to act with righteousness, and lovingly toward our neighbour, bringing pleasure to our Lord.


  1. WORLD
  • FORWARD WITH TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT. With the Summit successfully over, pray for constructive follow-up; Concrete steps toward denuclearization; economic cooperation and progress to alleviate country from the harsh living conditions, hunger, sickness, oppression; the gospel to flourish in North Korea; eventual reunification of the Korean people.