Prayer Agenda

Standing in the gap



  • Ask God to heal and protect our national transport system, especially the MRT system. Let’s not be discouraged, but to continually seek improvement and growth.
  • Ask God to appoint wise men and women to helm every government ministries, and take the lead in formulating key national policies.
  • Pray for good diplomatic relations with other countries.
  • Pray for young people who are 30 years old and below. Ask God to protect and watch over them, and call them into fulfilling the destiny of Singapore.



  • Thank God for the children’s camp that had just ended. Pray for the upcoming JYC camp (12-15 Dec) and YC camp (26-29 Dec).
  • Avoid secularism when celebrating Christmas; celebratory programs should be proclaiming God’s glory and the significance of Jesus’ birth.
  • Rise up and equip God’s people to watch over and pray for this land.
  • Unity among the different church denominations, that we will learn from one another and collaborate together to build God’s kingdom.
  • Not compromise in a world of declining morals, but persevere in holiness.



  • Thank God for the rising of China. Pray that China’s various revolutions (such as the toilet revolution, anti-corruption campaign and economic reform) would become God’s keys for transformation in the last days.
  • Pray for Egypt. Ask God to pour out His redeeming love and compassion on Egypt.
  • Ask God to reveal every national and ethnic strongholds, and raise up spiritual warriors to destroy these strongholds.
  • Ask God to have compassion and revive the declining Christian faith in America and Europe.